…Miss Ava’s First Birthday Party

I can’t believe it, my baby girl is now 1! How did that happen?! So many people tell you how fast it goes, but it’s not until you experience it for yourself that you realise!
So, to go with my love of all things vintage, as well as pretty pastels and delicious sweet food, I decided to throw Ava a Vintage Tea Party and I had an absolute ball planning and making it the special event that it was.
Here are some pictures from our special day!

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Long time no see…

Well…this is awkward…

I can’t believe my last post was back at Easter. I really dropped the ball didn’t I!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog recently, how much I used to love hopping on every day and showing you all what I’ve been up to, the processes of my creativity etc, and it mad me really sad to think why I would stop so abruptly.

I had a big think about why I stopped and I guess there are a lot of reasons. Our home renovations-which have resulted in a major lack of space in which to work, Ava’s reduced sleeping times, a lack of time in general really, but I think one of the main reasons-and it embarrasses me to say this- is simply due to the fact that I have let other people get me down and make me doubt myself. Seriously. How lame is that?!

Why do other people have to make it their business to make you doubt yourself? And why do we take things so personally?! Well, I know I certainly do/ The worst part is that I have let other people’s opinions and criticisms get in the way of what I want to do creatively and now that I have worked this out and literally typed it out, it makes me so angry!

I could rant and rave but really, that’s not going to get me anywhere really now, is it?

I think it’s time I move on and get back on track with my creative tasks and making sure that I post them up here again. Perhaps not every day…. but at least once a week to get the ball rolling again.

I might start with some exciting room revels from our new renovated house! Keep your eyes peeled…

I may just be back, baby!

Petal Onesie Tutorial

I’ve been away at a wedding all weekend so haven’t managed to keep up my challenge to the full extent I would have liked! Bummer!! Oh well, I’ve still been creative thorough it all, thank goodness, I’ve just been without my craft supplies and sewing machine!
Seeing as I was having withdrawals, as soon as I got home I got straight into this gorgeous little project!

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Our Renovations…so far…

I feel like things have been a bit quiet on here lately, I’ve been linking up like a mad woman left right and centre, as well as working my way through my new quilt project…’a ha! That’s what the answer to the hint was…”I hear you say!

I thought I’d give you a bit of insight into what’s happening at my house.

Well, in one word, mayhem.

We are extending. Like, almost literally doubling the size of our home. Why must the timing be when I’m a full time at home mummy?! Crazy!

So we have at least 3 builders here a day, banging, sawing, drilling, ripping up my house and adding bits here there and everywhere.

We FINALLY have one room ready…well, all it needs is a coat of paint, so we’re really close!

This is what it looked like. Yep, it was Ava’s beautiful nursery