I’m on maternity leave!

It’s all pretty exciting at our house at the moment, Ava’s very excited about her ‘baby Brudder’ arriving soon (although we haven’t yet found out the gender…) and Heath and I are anxiously awaiting this pending little bundle of joy that’s most likely going to turn our life upside down and inside out!

In the meantime, I’ve decided it’s best to get busy doing all of the sewing I’ve been putting off till I had some time…which I’m sure you can tell by the amount of posts on here recently is NEVER!

Today’s little project was some dress-up wings for Ava. There have been some absolutely gorgeous posts and tutorials online which made my job really easy! You can find those posts at Llevo el Invierno,  Pretty Prudent and Probably Actually, if you’re interested, and I’ve also included my instructions below!

For starters, the original post instructed how to make these wings for an 18-36 month old, but as Ava will be 3 in a few months, I thought I’d add some length in order for her to be able use them for longer, so I measured each length at 15inches, as shown below.


PicMonkey Collage sean


1-Lay your calico wing over your first layer of fabric and draw out what you would like your ‘feathers’ to look like

2-double your fabric, right sides facing, pin, the cut out the feathers of layer one

3-Layer one cut out

4-use the previous feathers to trace onto the next layer for each colour of feathers as you go along. Then, follow step 2 again for each colour. they should be getting shorter each time!

5-as you layer each row of feathers onto the calico base, draw a line on the calico fabric as a stitching guide later.

6-continue layering all of your feathers until you have a  beautiful finished layout!

Then …. cut out the top layer of feathers (the top triangle shape pictured) and place them all together.


Sew all of your feather layers onto your calico backing using the guides you marked up earlier-see, lucky you did this earlier!



Whip up some bias binding (or use some pre-made and stored away for such occasions!)and sew around the non-scalloped edges of each wing.


Attach across the top with elastic and loop off some binding at the thumbs and you are done!!

I have a few little changes to make like adding some elastic to hook over Ava’s arms to keep them in place but here are some cheeky pics of Ava loving her new costume outside!


IMG_9677 IMG_9678


It’s very nice to be back behind my sewing machine and online blogging, let’s see how much time is taken once this new little bubba arrives?!