During our renovation, I was lucky enough to have my own custom made dressing table nook built into our bedroom. Very fancy!
I received a beautiful dressing table from my husband for my 30th birthday. I’ve been holding off setting it up though because I wanted to pretty-up the wall first! I have been on the lookout for wallpaper for awhile now but I just couldn’t find the right one…then I considered stencilling.

I bought this gorgeous book a few weeks ago.
It contains a heap of different die cut stencils and this is where I picked my 2 from. I think I’d still like to add to it in the future, but I haven’t yet found the right stencil to include but I’m very happy at the moment!
Contrasting paint-our wall was in Simone Weil so I used a Simone Weil half sample tin
A roller
A ruler
Masking Tape
Tape measure
 I ruled up a sample page with a guideline of how I’d like my pattern set out. Firstly, I drew up a grid with a division matching the measurements of my wall, then drew the pattern in the squares. this was really helpful to get an idea of  how it would look and make any required changes!
Rule up your wall with little x marks to guide where to line up your stencil
Lay it on with some masking tape, then gently roll over the stencil, aiming to hold it down as closely to the wall as possible.
Peel it away gently and check out your lovely handiwork, then tidly up any smudges with a cotton wool bud or a tissue. Or old undies, like I did!
Check it out!
Here’s my finished set-up! The chair is a gorgeous gift from a group of special friends for my birthday too, I’m a very lucky girl!

What have you stencilled? What are your future projects?
Have a go yourself and let me know how you go!