It’s my niece Stephanie’s birthday tomorrow and we had a birthday dinner for her tonight. So cute-a pink party!
Pink hats, pink drink, pink food, pink cake…fun!!!

We were shopping a few months ago and Steph pointed out an owl toy at Cotton On Kids that she liked! I asked her if she’d like me to make her an owl toy for her birthday and she seemed pretty stoked! So I scoured the internet for a cool owl toy pattern and I came across this gorgeous little fella which also doubles as a cushion. Cute!!
Here’s the pattern, it’s super easy, and clearly quite cute…and big!
You’ll need
Sewing Machine
6 different fabrics
Fusible Webbing
needle and thread, scissors etc
I made a few little changes to the above pattern, I decided to use fusible webbing behind the wings to avoid fraying when I cut the fabric. I ironed it by covering it with baking paper (so it wouldn’t stick to my iron!) Then I cut it out. I was really happy with the result.
I also decided to use felt for the eyes and beak as it doesn’t fray! I used a zigzag stitch on the big part, then hand stitched the pupil.
Here it is!
Who’s eyes are bigger?!
 photo loveemmie2_zps3a833205.jpg

Depending what day it is, you may see this project at any of these fabulous parties!