I recently went shopping for some new bits and pieces of furniture to spruce up as I was majorly inspired after completing my Stencilled Drawers last week.

I came across this old magazine holder. It was in really great condition, which was convenient! I think it had already been re-stained by someone else before I purchased it.
I’ll show you how I went about my spruce up. Once again, I absolutely loved completing this project, I think this blog has helped me to discover a new love!
To start with, I sanded the whole piece back as it had this dark brown stain on it which made it really difficult for me pain to adhere to. The paint I have used is just a Dulux wall colour sample pot in Tapioca-same colour used here and here.
I then painted the parts of the mag holder that I didn’t want covered in fabric.
After that, I needed to make a ‘pattern’ for my fabric pieces. To do so, I traced the edges as best I could to get my pieces as close to the actual shape as possible so not to have too much of an overlap.
Here’s my pattern…messy!
I then checked to make sure it fit! Very messy and patchy, but better to look dodgy at this point than on my finished piece!
Next, I needed to prepare my fabric. I laid it down on some baking paper (so not to stick to my surface) then rolled the entire piece of fabric with Mod Podge. This was to avoid fraying when I cut my fabric. 
Annoying-but worked a treat!
How pretty is this fabric! It’s from Lincraft…. Surprising, right?!
I then pinned my pattern pieces to my prepared fabric and cut them out.
Very carefully!
Next came the fun but tricky part…layering my fabrics on. 
Firstly, I ensured each surface was sanded and clean, then rolled on a fair amount of Mod Podge before smoothing on my fabric. I then ran over the fabric with Mod Podge soaked roller again to ensure it was smoothed out and there were no bubbles.
Here’s the inside all compete
 And the final product!
Let me know what you think!
 photo loveemmie2_zps3a833205.jpg
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