So, I have SO many material scraps lying around the place, and I just can’t bear to get rid of such beautiful pieces! So when I came across this page on ‘Scrap Busters’ for your left over material scraps, I was stoked!

Admittedly, this phone cover was made from much larger pieces of material I had on hand, but I will definitely keep this list for future reference.
Ok, So I clearly have a small obsession with this fabric…you will also see it used here and here, but the quality and texture is just lovely, and it’s in my favourite colour too!
The backing (or green) fabric is from a new range at Spotlight- Sarah Fielke designs. Pretty! I thought they looked nice together.
This little phone tutorial came from Dog Under My Desk and it is really well laid out and the descriptions are clear and concise.
I actually made 2 as I accidentally cut out twice as much material as I needed (tired Mummy brain) so figured I could make another one in the reverse colours.

Depending what day it is, you may find me at any of these fabulous parties!