I came accross this cute tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew and thought they might be nice to jazz up a pair of flats of mine!



Fabric Scraps
A button
Needle and thread
An old pair of shoes
Printer Paper
SUCH an easy task!
Firstly, I chose a range of fabrics that I thought would look pretty together, as well as match my shoes
I then made up a template in word with different sized circles. This didn’t actually work for me, but I used a couple of circles and just guessed sizes from there, then trimmed where I needed to.
Here are my circles.
The only reason I was so tight with cutting out circles on paper first was because I was making 2 matching flowers. If you’re only making one, or a range of different fabric combinations, then there’s no need for the tightness, just cut away!!!
Sew a cross in the middle through all of the layers to hold them together.
Then, sew a button on top!
Ta da!!!!
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