I found this gorgeous tutorial on Pinterest and absolutely fell in love. I’ve been desperate to make it for awhile now and last night just happened to be the right time!
It’s a pretty easy little pattern, I’ll show you what to do!

~Some pretty fabric scraps for flowers and tree trunk, about 2.5″x1.5″ each, trunk 8″~
(I used the left over scraps from my iPad Mini Quilted Cover tutorial)
~Plain fabric for front 19″x19″~
~Patterned fabric for back (I used above plain fabric) 19″x26″~
~Double sided Fusible webbing~
~Sewing Machine, Scissors etc…~
Iron fabric scraps onto rough side of fusible webbing ensuring that all of the sides are touching so not to get gunk on your iron! I put an old tea towel over the fabric before I ironed to avoid this very issue!
Cut out your leaves. I have about 30!
 Peel off your paper from the back. If you find that it’s taking the webbing away with it (like I did!) go back and re-iron each leaf individually. You could do this anyway to ensure that it has DEFINITELY stuck to the fabric.
Find a lovely flat surface near your iron (ironing board may not be big enough, I iron on a towel covered bench). Lay out your 19″x19″ front piece of fabric. Lay the trunk in the centre, then surround it by leaves-as pictured. Have a play around with colour combinations and make sure there aren’t any clashes.
Once you’re done with this, iron them all in place being super careful not to bump others out of place!
 Now it’s time to sew your leaves into place! Sew all the way around each leaf either with a straight stitch like I have, or you could use any old stitch you like!! See what you think.
Now to attach the backing piece of your cushion.
Grab your big piece of fabric and divide it into 2 pieces. 
One needs to be 19″x15″, the other 19″x11″
Grab either of the pieces of fabric, and on one of the longer lengths, fold it lengthways about 1/2″. Press that, then fold again and press again. You only need to do this with one length.
Repeat with the other piece of fabric.
Lay your pretty tree piece right side up, then lay your larger piece of backing fabric down first before overlapping it with the smaller piece (pictured).
I put my pieces with the middle line running vertically, but I think I’d prefer it to be horizontal. 
Do that instead I reckon.
Sew along the entire perimeter of your cushion cover, making sure you backstitch over the double-folded seams. Once you’ve been all the way around, do a zigzag stitch all around the edge of your cushion to avoid fraying.
Turn out your cushion cover, shove in your cushion and check it out.

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