My first creative task of the year was to make a cover for my new baby…. No, not Ava, my new
iPad mini!!

I searched Pinterest for some DIYs, but of course there wasn’t really much in the way of tutorials for minis yet as they’re relatively new. What I did happen to fins, though, was this awesome tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter for a kindle that was simply ideal!!

Here’s what I managed-

The fabrics I selected were charm squares from Moda that I’ve been stocking up for a long time for projects just like this one. I used a quarter (2.5″squared) of each.

As the pattern states, I laid them all out 7×5 and tried to assemble them in a way that wouldn’t have any colours clashing or repeated too many times in one area-this falls to pieces later in the project though!

After sewing all of the rows of 5 together, I assembled the rest

Here is the assembled piece before quilting-how pretty!!

I decided to quilt it just with some fleecy trackie material, and a bit different to the referenced pattern, I chose to use a diamond pattern when quilting.

Here is the finished product, the perfect size after using the Kindle Pattern.  The only embellishment I added was a yellow button on the flap-completely decorative and non functioning.

A perfect new comfy home for my little baby!!